Nova Scotia -- Join the United States!
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Nova Scotia -- the Next State in the Union
Nova Scotia can and will be a successful economic and political entity -- but only when it leaves Canada and joins the United States.

Five Reasons Why Nova Scotia Should Seek Admission to the United States:
1. Economically Nova Scotia is hobbled by high taxes created by Ottawa. Those high taxes Nova Scotians pay may help Ottawa create a "Canadian Culture" or help Quebec industries, but they harm Nova Scotian business.
2. Democracy is very weak in Nova Scotia. Our Senate is appointed, our Premier holds near complete power, which is not adequately balanced. Nova Scotia will be able to have ELECTED representation in the U.S. Senate and House.
3. Canada is controlled by Ontario. There is no other province with as much power as Ontario. Nova Scotia is directed by politicians with Ontario's interests at heart. The U.S. has a far more equitable balance of power in Congress.
4. Nova Scotians would have better access to the U.S. market. Nova Scotians could work in any State without going through a lengthy visa application.
5. American capital would flow into Nova Scotia, providing jobs and opportunities.

We Need a President, Not a Queen!

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